Solar Service & Maintenance Contracts



CJ Solar provide a range of service and maintenance contracts which will ensure that your solar PV system is working efficiently and is operating at maximum production, regular maintenance will also extend the life of your system.

Annual maintenance visits consist of:

  • Visual inspection of the roof mounting fixings.
  • Visual inspection of the mounting rail.
  • Visual inspection of the modules, DC wiring and connections.
  • Visual inspection of the inverter, DC wiring and connections.
  • Clean modules.
  • Carry out functional testing of the inverter.
  • Clean any dust or debris from the inverter fan unit or air vent.
  • Carry out functional testing of the AC & DC isolators.
  • Test the array voltage (Voc).
  • Test the array ampage (Isc).
  • Test the array polarity.
  • Test the earth continuity.
  • Test the array insulation.
  • Check the actual kW/hr production with the predicted SAP calculated kWhrs.


Servicing and repairs

All servicing and repairs are carried out by qualified operatives. At CJ Solar we are able to carry out all relevant tests and inspections which will predetermine if repairs are required, this will minimise any unplanned downtime of your system and reduce the loss of production and revenue, therefore offering you peace of mind.

Comprehensive cleaning of modules and inverters

Solar panels need to be treated with great care, they are cleaned with deionised water and soft brushes, and will often require access with the use of a cherry picker or scissor lift. Inverters are maintained according to the manufacturers specific maintenance schedules therefore ensuring it converts the maximum amount of sunlight into electric energy.

Removal service: temporary or permanent

Whether you are moving house and want to take your panels with you, or simply need to make repairs to your roof, we can remove your panels and store them safely. Our qualified operatives will carry out all necessary works, commission and certify the system to ensure it is compliant with current British Standards, NIC-EIC, MCS & Building Regulations.