Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Points


What is an Electric Vehicle (EV)?

Electric vehicle (EV) is the umbrella term for any vehicle that is powered, in part or in full, by a battery that can be directly plugged into mains electricity. In short, any vehicle that can be plugged in including pure-electric, plug-in hybrid and extended-range electric vehicles, these aren’t to be confused with Hybrid’s.

Pure-Electric Vehicle (Pure-EV) – A vehicle powered solely by a battery charged from mains electricity. Currently, typical pure-electric cars have a range of approximately 100 miles but are improving all the time.

Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) - A vehicle with a plug-in battery and an internal combustion engine (ICE). Typical PHEVs will have a pure-electric range of over 10 miles. After the pure-electric range is utilised, the vehicle reverts to the benefits of full hybrid capability (utilising both battery power and ICE) without range compromise.

Extended-Range Electric Vehicle (E-REV) – A vehicle powered by a battery with an ICE powered generator on board. E-REV’s are like pure-EV’s but with a shorter battery range of around 40 miles. Range is extended by an on board generator providing many additional miles of mobility. With an E-REV the vehicle is still always electrically driven.

Hybrid – A hybrid vehicle is powered by, either or both, a battery and an ICE. The power source is selected automatically by the vehicle, depending on speed, engine load and battery charge level. This battery cannot be plugged in; charge is maintained by regenerative braking supplemented by ICE generated power. A number of fuels can power hybrid ICE’s, including petrol, diesel, Compressed Natural Gas, Liquid Petroleum Gas and other alternative fuels.

What are the benefits?

EV plug-in cars are environmentally friendly, cheap to run and benefit both families and businesses. Soaring demand across the UK shows that more and more people view ultra-low emission vehicles as the right choice for them. With 35 EV plug-in cars and vans currently on the market, the variety and scale of choice is contributing to rapid growth.

Also, if you have an existing solar PV installation you could charge your Electric Vehicle for free and you would be filling your EV with on-site generated green electricity which could eliminate your vehicle fuel costs altogether.

EV’s can meet our transport needs due to the following facts:

  • 50% of worldwide population living in cities
  • In Europe, over 80% of Europeans drive less than 63 miles in a typical day
  • In the UK, the average individual journey length is 8.6 miles
  • In the UK, the average total daily distance travelled is <25 miles
  • 23 hours is the average time a car is parked each day
  • UK target to cut CO2 emissions by at least 80% by 2050
  • The average total daily distance travelled is well within the range of Electric Vehicles (EVs).


How we can help?

Our specialist EV chargepoint installers will survey and recommend the most suitable unit whether it is rapid charge or standard charge for domestic or commercial use. We use only the very latest technologies from quality brands, ensuring we offer the very best guarantees the industry has to offer.