Why Solar


Energy from the sun is free, clean and inexhaustible! Generate your own electricity and save on your energy bills by capturing the power of the sun's energy. Solar PV panels convert daylight directly into electricity and even on a cloudy day continue to generate energy.

The cost of solar panel installation has fallen dramatically, making the initial outlay more affordable than ever, and advancements in solar cell technology mean that solar panels are more efficient, stylish and less cumbersome.

Benefits of solar energy

  • Reduce your electricity bills: Save up to 50% on your electricity bills*
  • Generate money: Energy companies pay you Feed-in Tariff (FiT) for all energy produced by a PV solar system
  • Solar electricity is clean: It doesn't give off harmful pollutants
  • Renewable energy: Sunlight is a natural, inexhaustible resource

Reduce your energy bills

A solar PV system generates free electricity. If you had a solar system installed, you could save buying up to 50% from your energy company every year.

For a 4kW system fit for a semi-detached home in Kent you can make an annual return of £1100.
This will help pay back the entire cost of the system in roughly 8 years*.

Annual Benefit Breakdown
Feed-in Tariff Income: £644
Export Tariff Income: £107
Electricity Bill Savings: £359
= Total Annual Benefit: £1110
% Return on investment: 12%**
Typical annual saving on electricity bill = up to 50%

Generate money

In 2010 the government introduced the Feed-in tariff (FiT) scheme to stimulate the small-scale renewable and low-carbon electricity market.

This means energy companies will pay you for all energy produced by your PV solar system, whether it's used or exported back to the grid. The Feed-in tariff is also tax free and rises annually in line with inflation.

Read more about the Feed-in Tariff

Cleaner Energy

Solar electricity is a clean, renewable energy that doesn't release any harmful pollutants, including carbon dioxide.

According to Sam Friggens (of Abundance Generation) "...a standard solar PV system installed in Britain today will save 0.9 tonnes CO2 per year, or around 23 tonnes over a 25-year lifetime."

In 2011, the International Energy Agency said that "the development of affordable, inexhaustible and clean solar energy technologies will have huge longer-term benefits..."

Renewable Energy

One hour of sunlight could potentially supply the entire population of the earth with enough energy for an entire year***.

As fossil fuels deplete, solar power is becoming increasingly more important. The sun is a natural, unlimited source of energy and harnessing its immense power doesn't harm the environment or drain the earth's own natural resources. Installing a solar PV system will not only benefit this generation but future generations too.

* Our price includes all core components (solar panels, inverter and monitoring system) plus survey and installation. 30 degree pitch with south facing roof and a shade factor of 1 for a house in Zone 2 according to MCS New PV Guide 1.0. Total annual return is calculated on a 4 kW system located in Canterbury, Kent. To qualify for the full FiT rate a minimum EPC rating of D is required. Annual FiT Generation Tariff calculation: (4484 kWh x 14.38p). Export Tariff calculation: (4484 kWh x 4.77p).
* For customers without smart meters, export is not measured, but gauged at 50%. Electricity bill savings: (4484 kWh x 15.32p). Assumes 50% of generation used. Bill savings are based on a medium user paying 15.32p/unit according to Energy Saving Trust, 2013.

** Return on investment is calculated by First year income/Total cost.

*** Solar FAQs, Sandia National Laboratories.